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When I first learned about the rapid acceleration of global warming, the undeniable evidence of water wastage, and the life-threatening implications of plastic pollution, among other things, my first thought was that corporate culture was destroying the environment. I immediately filled my mind with images of factories billowing thick black smoke into clear blue skies, clothing manufacturers exhausting gallons of water to fabricate a measly pair of blue jeans, and superstores stuffing rack upon rack with plastic bottles of every shape and size. However, after doing a little bit of digging, I realized that I was wrong to place all of the blame on the companies. I realized that even us, the so-called “little people,” contribute to environmental issues in subtle yet significant ways. Ways that are not only corroding the very land on which we live, but that are also threatening the survival of life as we know it.


That’s why I created The Sentimental Environmental(ist).


The Sentimental Environmental(ist) explores environmental issues from a consumer perspective — what we can do in our day-to-day lives to reduce our global footprint while still leading satisfying lives. Through a series of stories, research papers, poems, interviews, and much, much more, I delve deeper into a world where keeping food far from landfills, turning Chipotle napkins into compost, and upcycling soda tabs and bottle caps is not just a possibility. It’s a necessity. Together, we’ll bust some common misconceptions, address your greatest hesitations, and have some fascinating revelations. And who knows? Maybe we’ll expose a few of the flaws that exist in our own lifestyles in the process.


Our lives aren’t sustainable. Not yet, at least. And even though we’ve always been known as the “little people,” there's no time like the present to change.

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