Cracked Mud

Academic Writing

My current coursework at Cornell University largely focuses on the effects of climate change on issues as diverse as mental health and physical well being, natural disasters and extreme weather events, and differential access to healthcare and food, among others. These pieces are a reflection of everything that I have learned and will continue to learn as I grow as an environmental writer. Though varying in genre, they all are united in their sense of hope – hope that we can address the injustices we have deepened, mend the relationships we have torn apart, and heal the environment that we have degraded. The world is crying for our help -- and it's about time we respond.

The Brunt of the Hunt: The Emerging Response of America’s Game Changers to the Climate Crisis

An essay that addresses the diverse impacts of climate change on big game hunters and anglers, as well as the surprising environmental activism that has united America’s sportsmen and sportswomen.

Course: WRIT 1450: Climate Change Rhetoric (freshman year, Cornell)

The Warrior of the Mumbai Monsoons

A short story, based on real-life events, that follows a girl’s struggles to navigate the effects of prolonged heavy rainfall on her mental health, as well as to find hope in an elderly coconut seller.

Course: WRIT 1450: Climate Change Rhetoric (freshman year, Cornell)

Where Civilians and Scientists Unite: Building Resilience in the Face of Climate-Caused Depression and Powerlessness

A research paper on the impacts of climate change on depression and powerlessness across regions, with an emphasis on the need for cross-sectoral and cross-cultural collaboration.

Course: WRIT 1450: Climate Change Rhetoric (freshman year, Cornell)

Congress, We Need You

A letter to U.S. Congressional representatives that describes the infrastructural challenges threatening Texas during 2021 Winter Storm Uri, and that requests immediate climate action to ensure security for future generations of children.

Course: WRIT 1450: Climate Change Rhetoric (freshman year, Cornell)

Fashioning a “Trendy” Mindset: The Need for Permanent Changes in Clothing Consumption

A research paper on the roles consumers play in exacerbating the unsustainability of the clothing industry, that addresses misleading marketing tactics and proposes upcycling and natural dyes as solutions to maximize clothing lifespan.

Course: English 1302 (12th grade, high school)