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Children's Poetry

In a rapidly changing world, it is becoming increasingly clear that young people will be forced to bear the brunt of the environmental destruction that older generations have caused. Yet similarly clear is the lack of adequate green education for today’s children. Rhyming poetry might just be the solution to making environmental issues heard – all with the power of words.


The Dangers of E-Waste

A 9-stanza rhyming poem that examines the extent of damage caused by e-waste, suggests solutions to properly dispose of electronic devices, and encourages a reduction in gadget consumerism.

Plastic? I'm Not So Enthusiastic

A 9-stanza rhyming poem that addresses the infamous threat plastic bags pose to wildlife, as well as the potential ways in which people can repurpose plastic bags or reduce their use.

The Ignorance Behind Littering

An 11-stanza rhyming poem focusing on the inherent greed and arrogance that often drives people to litter, all while zooming in on the narrator’s observations of trash surrounding her school.

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