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Creative Pieces

Words are powerful communicators – but they’re not the only form of storytelling. The following creative pieces bring out my inner artist, whether through digital drawings of elementary schoolers watching animated films or through time-lapsed videos of me picking chapstick remnants out of an eos tube. As you read these pieces I hope you discover, just as I have, that environmental expression is multidimensional, visual, colorful, and most of all, limitless.

Revamping Recycling: TerraCycle's Mission to Transform the Unrecyclable

An article that increases awareness of TerraCycle’s scope, acknowledges the regional challenges of TerraCycling, and teaches readers how they can register their own TerraCycle drop off points. 

Old Movies Revisited: What the Ice Age Film Franchise Can Teach Youngsters About Global Warming

A persuasive piece drawing on the dialogue of the Ice Age movies to discuss the relevance of their plot to the climate crisis, as well as how these lessons can be integrated into primary and secondary education. Features original digital artwork.

From Chapped to Scrapped: The Hidden Waste in Our Lips’ Lotion

A creative piece that evaluates the often-wasteful design of chapstick containers, accompanied by a video displaying potential solutions to salvage residual chapstick and the containers themselves.

Putting the HeART in Recycled Art

An art presentation that showcases 4 original recycled art projects made of bottle caps, newspaper, toilet paper rolls, and old fabrics, along with instructions for how to make each.

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