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Healthy Food

Food Sustainability

Climate change is exacerbating current problems in crop cultivation, all while the human population continues to multiply and waste large proportions of food. What might explain this dichotomy – and what must we do differently to feed more hungry mouths? Solutions as diverse as composting, the restructuring of school cafeterias, and meal planning all show promise in helping us minimize food waste on a global scale. Join me as we explore them all.  

Local Food Waste Reduction: An Email to my District's School Board

An open letter to the 7 board members of the Lewisville Independent School District that exposes the food waste dilemma in school cafeterias and proposes 6 cost-effective solutions to minimize waste.

Where the Food *Doesn't Go

A 2-part series featuring my observations of food waste in Texas food pantries and the ways in which this compounds the discrepancy between the privileged and the needy.

Where Planting Green is Routine

A 3-part interview series featuring a local gardener who provides advice on how to cultivate a chemical-free garden with weed and critter control, compost, and proper water management.

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