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Progress is a funny thing: We expect and demand it, yet we seldom thank those responsible. This page is our opportunity to pause and say “thank you” – to acknowledge just a few of the many trailblazers who have dedicated their lives to cultivating a greener world. If you would like to nominate an environmentalist to be interviewed, please reach out so that we can continue to grow this space together. 

The Switch to Solar Energy

A comprehensive interview report of a local homeowner, featuring financial challenges of installing solar panels and data on household solar energy use. Also includes an original infographic addressing common misconceptions about heating.

The Upgrade to Homemade: A Look at Making Your Own Toiletries

A conversation with a local environmentalist who makes her own chemical-free soaps, shampoos, and deodorants, along with advice for aspiring toiletry-makers.

Architecture Career Chat

A comprehensive 2-part interview report of a New York City architect that highlights the importance of embodied energy, eco-friendly building materials, and regulations that promote sustainable design.

Sustainability Spotlight: Manjula Krishnamurthy

A spotlight piece of an environmentalist that details how her upbringing as the daughter of a rural agricultural family has influenced her outlook on environmental issues.

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